make space blanket part of your camping kit

Ways to Use Space Blankets for Camping

Space blankets, also known as emergency blankets, are one of the essential items in your survival kit. Every camping and hiking enthusiast is never without one. If you are planning a camping expedition, you will be relieved to know that there are many uses for space blankets for camping. 

Space Blankets for Camping Ideas

Get your money’s worth when you invest in a space blanket. These practical uses will make this blanket a must-have in your camping kit. 

Secondary Sleeping Bag

A sleeping bag is an essential item to pack when you go camping. However, a space blanket is a good alternative if you need an extra sleeping bag. 

While it is not as comfortable as a sleeping bag, a space blanket protects you against the elements. It is waterproof and windproof. The blanket keeps your body warm because wind and water won't be able to penetrate it. At the same time, it helps to retain body heat so you can effectively warm yourself as long as you wrap it around your body. 

The only downside to using a space blanket as a sleeping bag is that it won't allow your sweat to evaporate. The sweat helps to keep your body warm, too. You will wake up a little damp from your own sweat. Make sure to air-dry the blanket in the morning. 

space blanket as a secondary sleeping bag

Waterproofing Your Tent

Space blankets are made of waterproof-quality materials. Therefore, you can take advantage of this feature to protect yourself from the rain, especially if you forgot to bring your rainfly for the camping trip. 

You can also use your space blanket to protect your belongings from the rain. This blanket will help keep your things dry even when there is a significant downpour on your camp-site. 

Or, you can use it as a rain poncho if you forget to pack one. 

Insulating Your Tent

A space blanket's versatility adds insulation to your tent during camping.

You can use the shiny side of the blanket and face it toward the sun. The reflective surface will cause the sun's heat to bounce off your tent instead of being absorbed by the material. This technique allows you to regulate the temperature inside your tent during the day and keep it from being uncomfortable. 

Reflecting Heat

Another popular use of space blankets for camping is to reflect heat. The heat-reflective material used for making this blanket makes it easier to fight off heat during the day. 

Unlike other types of material that absorb heat, it reflects heat so that you won't be in danger of heat stroke during the day at camp. Many campers also use this heat-reflecting property for keeping food cold by allowing the heat to reflect from the food container. However, it is not proven as being effective at keeping your food cold for an extended period. 

First Aid

Space blankets are, first and foremost, emergency and survival gear. Therefore, the main reason for packing one when camping is as part of your first aid tool kit. 

A first aid blanket is another of the many names used to refer to space blankets. You can use it during emergency and survival situations. It can regulate your body temperature when exposed to the elements. 

You can also convert it into a makeshift sling in case of an injury. It can also be wrapped around a wound as a compression bandage if you are trying to control bleeding. 

Space blankets are emergency and survival gear

Ground Protection

Another practical use for space blankets for camping is to offer protection from the ground, such as when you have a picnic. Camping grounds can get cold and wet. Therefore, you can use the emergency blanket to provide a layer of protection against the elements. 

You can also use the blanket to protect you from the elements inside your tent. You can place it on the floor of the tent with the shiny side facing up. This added layer will keep you warm while you sleep in your tent. This is an easy trick to make your tent more comfortable, especially if camping in an area where it gets incredibly chilly at night.  

Rescue Signal

The use of space blankets in a survival setting is not just limited to regulating your body temperature. It can also be a valuable tool for creating a rescue signal in case you are trapped in the wilderness and cannot find your way out. 

One side of the emergency blanket is made of shiny and reflective material. You can use that side to increase your visibility in the wilderness, especially to rescuers from above. The vibrant and reflective material would be hard to miss and is a distinctive feature in a lush forest. 

You can use it in times of danger, so you should always carry one in your camping bag.

Does a Space Blanket Work for Camping?

Space blankets are good to have in your camping kit. However, expert campers caution that you should only use them for emergencies. They are still no replacement for the proper gear. Ensure that you pack the essential camping gear for your own safety and convenience. 

For example, space blankets still release some of your body heat, so that they won't be as effective as a sleeping bag. It is also important to note that it will take time before you can warm up your body using an emergency blanket

Final Thoughts

Camping is fun and adventurous. But you must remember that you are at the mercy of the natural elements when camping. Therefore, you must pack the essential survival gear you need to handle emergencies. Space blankets for camping are a must because they are versatile items with many uses. If you use your resourcefulness, you will discover why hiking and camping enthusiasts are never without one.