7 Best Ways to Stay Warm at Outdoor Sporting Events

7 Best Ways to Stay Warm at Outdoor Sporting Events

During various sports seasons, you’re probably hyped to see the game with all your family and friends. You’ve got the drinks, the snacks, the drinks–but oh–you’re cold. You didn’t bring the warm layers you needed. When you were getting ready in the daylight under a hot sun, you didn’t think to prepare for nightfall, when the cold would come quickly and bite everyone in the butt. 

Even with your favorite team playing and scoring on the board, you’ll be feeling sorry for yourself that you didn’t prepare for the weather. As much as you’d like to be as sweaty and adrenaline filled as the guys on the court or field, you’re sitting still in the stands, dreaming of warmth. 

Don’t worry though, we got you for your next game. There are a lot of ways you can intelligently dress for the cold weather without wearing too much or lugging your whole winter closet. Here are 7 ways to stay warm at outdoor sporting events.

But first…

Time to Bundle


Wear Layers

Just like your mom said and her mom said before that, wear your layers. This is key to staying warm throughout the night and not overcrowding you when it’s hot in the daytime. It’s cheaper to wear layers so you won’t need to splurge on an overpriced jersey or sweatshirt from the gift shop. 
For the first layer, consider a short-sleeved t-shirt. Over the tee, slip on a thicker long sleeve. Finish off the layering with a hoodie, sweatshirt, or jacket. Trust us, you’ll be grateful you have so many options when it’s 30 degrees out and your pecks are peeking.

For the lower body, bust out the long johns. Or if you don’t have these types of necessary pants for every man and woman on planet earth, then we guess you could wear some silk long underwear or leggings underneath jeans and pants. Those are fine too, but then you can’t say you’re wearing a man as a pair of pants. If it’s extremely cold, put on the snow pants. They’ll keep the moisture and cold away from your precious warmth. 


1. Jacket
It’s Jacket time. Jackets are symbols of style and effortless grace. They’re an added accessory and a necessity. If you’re really looking to stay warm  stylish, consider choosing a jacket that tackles both fashion and practicality. 

If it’s cold and snowy, a simple sweater ain’t gonna cut it. You’ll need a parka or down jacket for the cold, wet weather. Got a heated jacket? Even better. Bring that along. It’s better to be warm than sorry. Our advice? Use the Columbia Men's Watertight Jacket!










2. Stadium Blanket
Now, this one is a must. It’s great for just you or the whole gang. Waterproof Stadium Blankets are multi-purpose, as they keep you dry, protect you from the wind, and keep you warm since most of them wrap around your whole body. 

If you do nothing else, be sure to grab a Waterproof Stadium Blanket. We recommend the Dagmi Outdoors Waterproof Stadium Blanket.  Not only is it waterproof, but it’s windproof, too! That’s right. Never worry about those cold winds whipping at your body. And rain is no match for this blanket. Stay extra warm all season long. This blanket is engineered to keep you warm so you can stay outside until the very last inning. We like that this blanket is soft and light to carry but provides the same warmth as your favorite heavy blanket! 



3. Long Sleeve
The thing that goes over the shirt and under the jacket, long sleeves are your friend in cold times. A fleece pullover also works great as a warm and cozy blanket that you can zip up and down as needed. The North Face Men's TKA Glacier Quarter Zip Fleece Pullover is our pick.


4. Hand Warmers
If you haven’t discovered hand warmers yet, what are you doing with life? Hand warmers are amazing tools that can instantly heat up when exposed to air. Products like HotHands stay warm for up to 10 hours. 

Available in multiple designs and styles, HotHands are great for tailgating or just watching the game with friends. Pass them out as party favors and enjoy the warmth that radiates to the rest of your body. Go with HotHands Hand Warmers and you’ll be toasty all night!



5. Long Johns
Long johns are a staple of any closet, man or woman. If you’re at a sporting event and it’s snowing out, these will be your life savers. Check out the Smartwool Merino 250 Baselayer Bottom. It’s important to note that high-quality long johns will be more comfortable and effective than cheaply made ones. But you knew that. 

Ones made with wool are great options and especially those that have temperature regulating technology to keep you cool when the weather amps up. Some are specially designed to minimize chafing. Win-win!



6. Gloves, Socks, & Hat
The staples of any winter getup, gloves, socks, and a hat are necessary if you’re wanting to stay warm in the places most vulnerable to cold. Enjoy the warmth as you put on these small and handy items and take them off when indoors, or the temperature warms up. Opt for wool socks, layered, waterproof gloves (thin and thick), and a fur-lined or wool hat.


7. Stadium Seat
A stadium seat is an extra layer of protection from the moisture that lies on the wood all night and day. Bring a blanket to cover the top of the seat so you’re protected from any extra moisture or cold the seat can pick up on. Also, it’s an extra level of comfort while watching the game. 

With our 7 tips, you’ll never be cold at another sporting event again!