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Find the Best Emergency Blanket for the Money

A quick search on the internet yields many results for blogs and brand names for emergency blankets. Therefore, it can be difficult to navigate among your options if you are looking for the best product that is worth your money. It is worth noting that much of the content you will find is driven by a specific intent: to get you to buy their product. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate the readily available information. You can then identify which information matters in choosing the right emergency blanket that's worth spending the money on. 

What is the Average Cost of an Emergency Blanket?

Consumers have been made to believe that price is equivalent to quality. Therefore, consumers are tricked into the idea that more expensive items are superior in quality. But this is only partly true because several factors can impact on what would be defined as a quality product.

There are a few factors that impact the cost of an emergency blanket: the material, the brand, and where you bought it from. You can find emergency blankets that cost $5 and some are priced at $45. You can set a budget for buying an emergency blanket but you can expect to spend anywhere within that range. 

While it is crucial to know the average cost of an emergency blanket, the cost should not be the sole factor to consider when buying one. You have to look at a few other features to pick the right investment.

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What Should I Look For in an Emergency Blanket? 

The versatility of an emergency blanket calls for a material that is equally versatile and reliable. Therefore, you have to list the specifications and features to look for when buying an emergency blanket to ensure the best value for your money.

  1. Weight

You should always pack an emergency blanket when camping or hiking. The best emergency blanket that is worth your investment is going to be lightweight. Thus, it won’t add any significant weight to your pack and it is compact enough for you to carry on your adventure.

The ideal weight is 30 ounces or less, or no more than a pound with the carrying bag. You should also be able to roll it up so that you can easily stow it away until you are ready to use it. 

  1. Cost

Quality does not always mean a higher price tag. However, quality material does require an investment. While it does not make sense to pay a hefty amount of money for an emergency blanket, you should expect to allot a certain amount if you want to invest in something durable and of superior quality. 

The goal isn't to choose the most expensive emergency blanket. Instead, focus on the ones that can offer the best value for your money, such as those that will last a long time and be able to perform their job of keeping you warm at night when camping or hiking. 

Research the average prices of emergency blankets across different brands. Pick a price point that you are willing to spend and choose your blanket accordingly. 

  1. Tear-Resistance

An emergency blanket should be tear-resistant. This product is versatile enough that you can use it on any surface, rugged or not. Therefore, you shouldn't have to worry if you need to place it on the ground as a picnic blanket or when you place it over your tent for insulation. The material should be of superior quality so that it can withstand any impact from rain, rocks on the ground, or the wind. 

  1. Full Body Protection

The best type of emergency blanket for the money is one that can give you full body protection. When camping or hiking, it is essential to pack items that will give you protection from the elements. 

To narrow down your choices, think about your intended use for the blanket and choose the material accordingly. Heat retention is one of the primary reasons to have an emergency blanket during hiking or camping. Check out the material and the main characteristics of an emergency blanket so you can assess how well it can help your body retain heat, especially when the camping conditions are extremely cold. Make sure that the material is made with pure mylar and not blended with other types of material that can diminish its ability to keep you warm. 

Look for an emergency blanket that can protect you from other conditions, such as rain and wind. Emergency blankets can help you stay warm when you are wet, but the best blanket is of waterproof quality. Therefore, you can stay dry regardless of external conditions. 

  1. Material

Material matters if you want to enjoy the best quality in your emergency blanket. This type of blanket serves an important purpose so make sure you don't scrimp on quality by choosing ones made from superior materials.

When talking about material as a consideration when choosing emergency blankets, it does not just refer to the material per se. It also accounts for the performance, durability, sustainability, and overall quality of the material and its construction. 

There are only select options for the types of material used for making an emergency blanket. Mylar is the most popular and highly recommended option. The majority of emergency blankets in the market are made with this material since it is the most effective in retaining body heat. And yet, this material is still lightweight and cost-friendly. 

Another type of material used in making an emergency blanket is metalized polyester. It is similar in characteristics to mylar although the latter is superior in durability and tear resistance. 

The next option for material used for making an emergency blanket is fleece. The fleece blanket can either be made from polyester or a nylon blend. Fleece is popular because it is affordable and lightweight. However, it won't reflect heat as much as mylar does. 

For this reason, a mylar emergency blanket is the superior choice if you want reliable performance.  

  1. Size

The size of the emergency blanket varies according to the intended use. Most emergency blankets are good enough to cover two adults. 

  1. Customer Rating

Spend time researching the customer feedback and rating on a specific brand of emergency blanket you want to buy. Use the information provided by those who have used the product to inform your decision on which blanket to buy. 

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Are Emergency Blankets Worth it? 

The short answer is yes. The long answer is that emergency blankets are worth it, as long as you’ve taken the time to research the cost and features. 

The general rule is that you must steer clear of cheap blankets. These are the ones made from low-quality materials that don't do a good job of keeping you warm and dry in the wild, or survival situations. They also have poor construction and durability, which means they are easily prone to damage.

What is the best Emergency Blanket in the Market? 

If you are looking for an emergency blanket that is durable and of premium quality, choose one made from mylar. A mylar emergency blanket can retain up to 90% of the total body heat. Mylar blankets are made of military-grade materials so you can ensure that it is built for performance. Other emergency blanket materials can't deliver the same performance.

Despite being durable and high-quality, a mylar emergency blanket can be easily folded down. It can fit into your hiking or camping bag and won’t take up too much space. It is also a good item to pack for those long travels or when you want to keep a blanket for emergencies.

Mylar blankets are puncture-resistant so you won’t have to worry about setting them on the ground. They do not rip or tear easily. For this reason, this is the best material for an emergency blanket because it is highly resilient. 

Since there is no way to predict when emergencies might happen, you should always carry one in your pack. It is backed by advanced technologies that ensure the highest performance for your emergency blanket needs.